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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Migrating swifts and egrets

It was a wonderful morning in Canon City as I got to watch several hundred White-throated Swifts feeding over some ponds and the river before they continued their migration to southern New Mexico or maybe further into Mexico or beyond (it is not known just where these birds winter). This is the second large migration that has been seen coming through Canon City and is a little late as most birds are supposed to have migrated out of the state in September. White-throated Swifts are a species of special concern--they are listed as "moderately high" conservation need by Parters In Flight and are on the
Audubon WatchList

While watching the swifts I spotted a small flock of 7 Great Egrets flying in an easterly direction. At times they flew in a "V" formation as shown in the top photo. The bottom photo shows the egret flock with a White-throated Swift flying in the foreground (which makes it look larger proportionally than they truly are compared to the much larger egrets)


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