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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snowy-day birding

Due to an overnight low recorded at minus 2 degrees (though not unknown, it is quite unusual for Canon City to have below zero temps), much of yesterday's snow is still on the ground (also unusual as it usually warms up the next day and melts off). It certainly was quite pretty as can be seen in these photos I took this morning of Plum Creek where it intersects the Canon City Riverwalk.

The storm apparently blew in 2 immature Snow Geese, shown with some Canada Geese. Snow Geese are uncommon in the Canon City area as we are not near the waterfowl flyways. There was a significant increase in waterfowl at ponds in the area so these were apparently brought in with the storm, probably due to the artic front causing lakes further north to freeze over. In addition to common waterfowl, other less common waterfowl for this area were several continuing Common Goldeneye, a few Bufflehead, one male Canvasback.

SeEtta Moss

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