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Sunday, July 08, 2007

American Dipper and nest

I was amazed to find that the American Dipper nest under the Texas Creek bridge over the Arkansas River (at the entrance to the Texas Creek BLM Rec Site) was occupied. I had found this nest earlier this spring before the early and extended run-off made it difficult for American Dippers to feed (all the boulders they usually perch on were underwater and the river was running very fast with no shallow water in this area). Additionally this nest was quite low and I thought it might be inundated (bottom pic shows nest location). Most of the dipper nests I have seen were near the top of the bridge supports, usually right under the bottom of the bridge. I watched as a parent flew to the bridge support and looked towards the nest as shown in the top pic. The entrance for dipper nests is at the side but in this case the nest overlaps the entrance so the birds have to fly down below the nest then fly up into them for entry.
I'll post more pics of the dipper flying up into the nest in next post. SeEtta

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