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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Canon City area update

Yesterday I checked on a pair of breeding Lewis' Woodpeckers. In past years I have found several nesting pairs of this species in this location but only the single pair this year.

I also checked on several locations where Eastern and Black Phoebes may be nesting. I found one Eastern Phoebe at one location, one Black Phoebe at a second location and the third location produced both a Black and an Eastern Phoebe (as well as a Blue Grosbeak that did a good job of imitating a Black Phoebe by sallying out for insects).

I also found a flock of about 50-60 White-faced Ibis (at least all that I could scope were White-faced, not Glossy) and 3 Cattle Egrets feeding and/or loafing in a flooded hay field.

Then at dusk near the east half of the Canon City Riverwalk a heard the “Quock” call of a Black-crowned Night-Heron which I found flying nearby. It was only about a hundred feet or so above the ground when I spotted it and it appeared to be an immature bird with brown plumage (consistent with the likely 2nd year Black-crowned Night-Heron I found last week but have not been able to refind). It then circled as it gained altitude, emitting the "quock" call generally in pairs until it had risen to several hundred feet above the ground as it flew off to the west.

Today I found a few Cedar Waxwing on my friend's farm near Canon City. I first saw 2 Cedar Waxwing then found 5 just over a mile away.


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