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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Even more Dickcissels

On my way to one of the known Dickcissel sites I heard a Dickcissel singing. This is almost a mile from any other known site. Also, I was able to confirm that there are at least 5 Dickcissels at the first site where I found the birds as I was able to find five birds up and singing at the same time. And I confirmed 3 birds at the last site I found.

That adds up to 12 confirmed and possibly 14 Dickcissel in the Canon City area. Because we have so many, and a number were reported on the northern front range, I checked the farms in the nearby town of Florence but could not find any Dickcissel (or Bobolink). The only obvious difference I can discern is that the farm fields there are not as large as those in the Canon City area where I have found the birds. Dickcissel are known to prefer larger patches. But there are a number of other factors in Dickcissel and Bobolink field choices (ie,"Nests located in dense vegetation in grasses, forbs, or low woody plants with nearly complete overhead cover" per Birds of North America).


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