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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Horned Grebes and other species

Yesterday the temperature went up to 68 degrees in Canon City, then it snowed last night. The snow, maybe a half inch, melted quickly in today's sunshine and temps moved up to the low 50's. Yes, it is easy to take the weather in this exceptionally mild climate here in Canon City and many other locations around SE Colorado.

The Horned Grebe in these photos is one of 3 in the area that I saw yesterday and today. They have such fiery red eyes. It was with a group of American Coot.

I was able to sneak up and get these photos from as close as 20 feet away without disturbing any of them by being stealthy. And that is my goal when birding--to not disturb the birds I am viewing and photographing. Not only is this congruent with conservation but I believe gains birders better and longer views of the birds they seek.

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