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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Impacts of Global Climate Change on Tree Swallows

Another major species conservation groups, Defenders of Wildlife, also came out with a report on the impacts of Global Climate Change. They includes a section on Tree Swallows, another species found in SE Colorado, which states:

"Some species can change patterns in their drive to survive. Problem is, a new rhythm takes over and throws everything out of synch with nature. Take the ubiquitous tree swallow, harbinger of spring--and of global warming. Warmer temperatures in the last three decades have prompted the small, graceful birds with the iridescent blue feathers to nest earlier. On its face, this could look like a good thing: Early nesting typically means more eggs. What's unknown is how the insects they rely on will change as the climate shifts--will prey adapt and also be available earlier each year?"

Read more from Defenders of Wildlife on these impacts on species and ecosytems.


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