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Saturday, January 27, 2007

More Pueblo Reservoir birding

As I had an appointment with an endondist today in Pueblo, I again stopped by the Pueblo Reservoir. I am still not able to walk much, and due to warm temps that melted the snow there is a lot of mud that I wouldn't want to walk in anyway. So did some car birding.

At the North Marina I saw several dozen Common Mergansers, intersperced by about 10 Common Goldeneye. There were the requisite American Coots and the coots were walking up the ramp over a hundred feet from the water, apparently searching for food (though there is some open water around the North Marina, there is a lot of ice there and further out into the main reservoir body. And there were 8-10 Ring-billed Gulls there but no Lesser Black-backed Gulls as I have been told are often at this location in the afternoon.

At the South Marina and the southeast portion of the lake by the ice were hundreds and hundreds of gulls.

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