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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Great Horned Owl taking an owl-nap

I spotted the Great Horned Owl in this pic while driving through Florence on Monday. As can be seen when the photo is double-clicked and enlarged, the owl's eyes are not closed all the way, likely sleeping lightly as many birds do-I referred to it as owl-napping in the title.

I took this photo from my car as I was trying not to disturb the owl. The photo looks close because I used my digital camera with a 12X lens, almost the equivalent of a 400 mm non-digital lens. As I didn't want to make more noise that might disturb the owl, I choose to handhold my camera (though leaning my arms against my car for stability). I have found in the past that rolling up my electronic window makes just enough noise to bother some birds. And then I cropped the photo to enlarge the owl to what you see (again, double-clicking on it will really bring up a nice close-up).

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