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Sunday, May 06, 2007

White-faced Ibis & more upper Arkansas River birds

After I left Ice Lake I found these ibis in a flock of about a hundred White-faced Ibis in a flooded field just outside of Buena Vista. The body feather colors of these birds is amazing especially considering that they can look just like black colored birds to those without binoculars.

I next stopped at Franz Lake in Salida where there were 2 pair of Common Mergansers. As this is time for them to start breeding, I wonder if they will do so in this area. Next to Franz Lake is overflow pond on which I saw a male Wood Duck, an unusual bird up this way, 2 pair of Cinnamon Teal and some Great-tailed Grackles. Nearby Sand Lake, which can be quite productive, had only a few common waterfowl and the ever-present Great-tailed Grackles.

My last stop was a site in W. Fremont County where Black Phoebes have nested for the past several years. I did find one Black Phoebe but the weather was turning bad so I didn't stay to search for a partner. By the time I got back to Canon City it was raining hard and turning dark, and now it is snowing big, wet flakes of snow.

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