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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The big chase--Cooper's Hawk after a Broad-winged

Though the sought-after Painted Redstart was not seen today in Canon City, several other birds gave those who drove over a hundred miles a nice show. One of those was a Broad-winged Hawk being chased by a Cooper's Hawk. This had also happened yesterday, but today the Cooper's chased the Broad-winged directly over our heads and only about 20-25 feet above us--fantastic show.

The Broad-winged perched in a tree about 100 feet away and I got its photo there that is in the lower pic (double-click on this photo to enlarge it for more detail). The Cooper's Hawk also landed in that same tree though on the other side and not very visible to us. After several minutes of respite, the Broad-winged Hawk, without any notice so I could get prepared to take it's picture, took off again with the Cooper's behind it. I got the photo above of the Broad-winged in flight (with a little blur as it moved so quickly but I think it's not bad since my digital camera is not an SLR) but couldn't get a photo of the Cooper's. A Cooper's Hawk has nested for several years in this area and I have seen one around this spring so it may be planning to nest again so it wouldn't want another big raptor around.


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