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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Red-tailed Hawk is very good mom

The Red-tailed Hawk, that I posted on that has a nest on a cliff, is still on the nest though her two nestlings are getting close to fledging. And what a good mom she is--we have had 90+ degrees F temps for past several days and she lays in nest with her wings spread out to shade her nestlings.

The top pic shows mom Red-tail shading her nestlings (sorry pic is not crisper but the nest is about a tenth of a mile away so this is the best I can do with enlarging). One of her nestlings is almost adult size while the second bird is substantially smaller. The bottom pic shows that pieces of the nest have fallen to a ledge below the small ledge on which the nest was built. I thought it looked awful precarious and I suppose that now with 3 largish hawks sticks get pushed over the edge.


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