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Monday, June 18, 2007

Cliff nesting Red-tailed Hawk

I found this Red-tailed Hawk on the nest that was plastered to a cliff about 80-100 feet above the ground. This nest is in the Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas-II block I am surveying and is the second Red-tailed Hawk nests on a cliff I have found in this one block.

As can be seen in the top pic, the nest is located on a small ledge. It really surprised me that the large nest can actually stay up on this ledge since a lot of nest sticks protrude over the ledge. In fact, the ledge appears so small that the nest looks almost like a swallow nest that is just mud-plastered to the side of the cliff. If you look close at the top pic a white fuzzy object is in the nest directly below the hawks head--that is a nestling.

The bottom pic shows just how this nest looks on the cliff (though it is enlarge some so that the nest looks like more than a patch of vegetation).

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