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Monday, July 16, 2007

A late afternoon visit to the Pinyon Jays, carefully

Late this afternoon I paid another visit to the Pinyon Jays--this time I learned my lesson and avoided disturbing them. They were near the same area but were a little further from the road (though I didn't just go bumbling into the trees this time). I kept my distance and didn't disturb the flock. I heard them conversing amongst themselves, but not as excitedly as they did when I intruded earlier.

I also paid a little more attention to the habitat and noticed the winterfat and rabbitbrush that I had overlooked in last night's post. I find that I sometimes just don't notice such common vegetation like these (I have to watch it or I do the same with birds like Mourning Doves and Robins).

Native grasses in the area (both the upper area near where I found the creche yesterday and the lower area a half mile away where they go to get away) include Indian rice grass, blue grama, and panic grass (may not be this subspecies but it looks just like these photos. There were a number of other species but I only know a few grasses (though I am trying to learn more).


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