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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Common Buckeye butterfly & rabbitbrush

I think that Common Buckeye butterflies may be common but they are uncommonly beautiful as these pics show. It is speculated that the eyespots are used to scare away predators. This species has been seen throughout southeastern and other eastern areas of Colorado as well as several west slope and even one mountain county.

Common Buckeye can be found throughout much of the United States, parts of Canada, south into Mexico, Bermuda and even Cuba. Read more about them at the " website.

As has been my experience, these as well as many other butterflies and insects are attracted to rabbitbrush, a native plant. Native plants are very important to many species as they have co-evolved to provide food and shelter when needed. And after the flowers on rabitbrush are gone, their seeds are available to the White-crowned Sparrows that have returned to lower elevation locations. So add some native plants to your yard and help provide proper habitat to birds and butterflies.


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