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Saturday, October 06, 2007

An Osprey still hanging around

I was on the Canon City Riverwalk this morning with my younger dog, Chase, who in addition to enjoying chasing leaves especially in autumn also likes to climb onto high places like in trees. I was intently watching him as he was trying to climb out further than I was comfortable with, as shown in the pic, and not paying much attention to what was around. When Chase got down from the tree, I realized there was an Osprey perched across the river attentively watching us. It's amazing how a bird as large as an Osprey can be less obvious when it doesn't move.

These Osprey's nest at the State Wildlife Area on the west end of the Pueblo Reservoir, about 30 miles from here, then one or two moves up and down the Arkansas River searching for prey. Osprey migrate into Mexico for the winter so this bird will be moving south soon.

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