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Monday, August 27, 2007

Grassland hawks

In addition to all the Snowy Egrets I saw in Otero Co on Saturday, I enjoyed some nice grassland birds including Swainson's Hawks. In addition to the adult Swainson's Hawk in these pics, I saw 4 immatures and an additional adult in a one mile stretch just north of Holbrook Reservoir (which is just north of La Junta).

As can be seen in these pics, wings of Swainson's Hawks are rather elegant. This is a typical light morph adult, with gray face, white throat and face patch and dark brown back. The uppertail coverts on the lower back are lightish colored, forming a "u" that is clearly seen in the lower two pics.

Other raptors included an immature Bald Eagle that was perched in the same tree where a Bald Eagle nested and produced 2 young (so this is likely one of those). I also saw even more Red-tailed Hawks than Swainson's as well as several American Kestrals.


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