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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

White-faced Ibis in basic plumage

This is a late posting as I took this photo 3 weeks ago when I was having computer problems that kept me from posting. I took this pic at some ponds across from the Crowley feedlot near the town of Crowley in the lower Arkansas Valley. This was one of two White-faced Ibis that were late migrators.

This bird is molting so has some Alternate (breeding)such as the glossy body feathers and reddish legs as well as some Basic (winter) plumage such as grayish facial skin without white border and gray legs. In both plumages these adult birds have a red eye which can be seen in the middle pic.

I think the top pic shows an interesting view of the ibis as it was just taking off to fly away--it looks like it has knock-knees. Though this species suffered declines in the past, they have done better in the past few decades and are not considered at risk by National Audubon Society that also publishes some interesting natural history information at this link.


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