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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Draco Skipper ?

The two butterflies in this pic are members of the "grass skipper" family of butterflies. And I believe they are both Draco Skippers, likely a male and a female. They were chasing after each other on the marigolds in my yard.

They certainly have proportionally large eyes. And I believe that the long tube protruding from the butterfly on the right is it's tongue, which is a long hollow tube-like structure that functions like a straw so butterflies can drink water from damp sand as well as nectar. According to an National Audubon article, Gardening for Butterflies", Skippers have tongues that can reach one and one half times their wing spans!. This small (only about an inch long) butterfly is found in western parts of SE Colorado and throughout the intermountain west. SeEtta


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