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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cactus Wrens

I have heard and seen a number of Cactus Wrens in the past several days here at Big Bend National Park but none I could get a reasonable pic of. As I started to leave my motel in Terlinqua, a small town just outside the NP boundary, I heard 2 Cactus Wrens calling nearby. One was on the top of the motel and the other in the desert vegetation only about 60 feet from my door--wouldn't you know. Certainly the advantage of staying in a small town is that the Chihuahuan desert is still interspersed between the businesses.

All of these pics are of one wren. I just love the call that these wrens make. Here is a good site to listen to it.

Again, this is a species that is not found in SE Colorado--at least not yet, but with warming from Global Climate Change their range may get extended from central New Mexico to SE Colorado. Double-click the pics for an eye-to-eye view. SeEtta


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