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Saturday, March 08, 2008

DFO trip & Brown Creeper

The Denver Field Ornithologists brought a group of birders to Canon City two days ago to try for the rare Golden-crowned Sparrow and bird at some of Canon City's great birding areas. I accompanied the group for the first half of their trip including birding at the Tunnel Drive area where the Golden-crowned Sparrow was seen by all participants. Then I brought them to the Canon City Riverwalk which was very birdy with a number of Cassin's Finches, a species fairly uncommon here.

We also had great views of this Brown Creeper that was first intent on probing the tree bark for nuggets of invertabrates, then stopped to groom. The cinnamon feathers on the bird's rump are visible in both pics. Though the top pic loses quality when enlarged, the bottom pic really shows feather details well enlarged so do double-click on it. SeEtta


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