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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Golden-crowned Sparrow in Canon City

As I noted below a Golden-crowned Sparrow, found by another local birder Rich, has been seen around the parking area for the Tunnel Driver trail. I saw it the other day, but of all the dumb things, did not have my camera with me (and I had a great opportunity for good shot, darn). I returned today with a friend to help them find the bird and was able to get this pic. It's golden crown is quite prominent as seen in the pic. It's bi-colored bill can be seen, though not as well (wouldn't you know, my best shot was with the bird behind some weeds.

No sign of the Ladder-back Woodpecker I saw there earlier this week. Before we left a Sharp-shinned Hawk flew in after the juncos and sparrows, scattering the birds everywhere. I will post some pics of it tomorrow. SeEtta


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