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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Las Animas County and some Otero County-lots of sparrows

I birded some in southeast Otero and northeastern Las Animas counties today in grassland, pinyon-juniper and a little sage brush habitats. Sparrows were singing everywhere, possibly due to the fact that a thunderstorm had just dumped some good moisture in this drought-dry area.

I heard many Vesper Sparrows in Otero County in a area dominated by sagebrush. I also heard some Brewer's Sparrows here. Once I moved into pinyon-juniper habitat, Lark Sparrows dominated and were the birds I saw most frequently. However I also heard Chipping Sparrows here.

In some rocky area I saw a Canyon Towhee. Though I am more accustomed to seeing or hearing Blue Grosbeak in weedy or riparian areas, one adult male followed me as I walked along a road in pinyon-juniper habitat. While in this habitat I saw a number of nighthawks, those I could identify being Common Nighthawks including a small flock of 6 that foraged together.

On way down I found a new location with a singing male Dickcissel in far eastern Pueblo County in a mature alfalfa field that has not yet been cut. There are few fields that have not yet had their first cutting.


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