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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Unique find-a badger

Early this evening, a little before dusk, I was driving the route I took 2 weeks ago when I heard the Long-eared Owl calling. I was surprised to see a badger in daylight as they are reputed to be mostly nocturnal. Actually, I have seen badgers in the wild on 2 prior occasions, one at night and the other in broad daylight (though at a distance).

Though they have really nasty claws, badgers either run away or, as I have read, dig a hole to bury themselves. This one took off running on its short legs, but stopped to look back at me when I got this photo. The badger was about 60-70 feet away when I took the photo with my Panasonic digital camera with its 12X zoom fully extended.

I find that birding can provide great opportunities to watch other wildlife including mammals. I got other good photos of birds, but will have to wait until tomorrow.


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