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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Orange-crowned Warbler

This morning I returned to the Canon City Riverwalk to see what birds might be there. As I expected, I did not refind the Nashville Warbler. However, I did follow the Orange-crowned Warbler in these photos for quite a while as it foraged. Though I certainly enjoy rarities like the Nashville Warbler, I truly enjoy more common species such as this species.

The photos show the olive-greenish upperparts and more yellowish underparts(dull in the fresh fall plumage), blurry streaks on breast, indistinct dark eye stripe divided by the split eye-ring, and sharp-pointed bill found in Vermivora warblers.

Compare these photos of this Orange-crowned Warbler with those below of the Nashville Warbler--both are in the same family (Vermivora) and share similarities such as the sharp-pointed bill.

See more photos of this bird here

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