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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Canon City Riverwalk

This morning I birded the Canon City Riverwalk for the first time in about a month. I was delighted to find the tan-striped White-throated Sparrow in this photo. Those of you from the east part of the U.S. probably wonder why I would mention seeing this species which is quite common in your areas (I was amazed during a trip to Arkansas a year ago to see flocks of White-throated Sparrows). However, they are quite uncommon here. I thought this photo shot, looking head-on at the bird, showed an interesting view of its well-demarcated throat and large yellow spots in front of its eyes.

While watching the White-throated Sparrow, a Bewick's Wren came in and appeared to be quite interested in my presence. While this very vocal wren was calling, I also heard a second Bewick's not far away and a White-breasted Nuthatch further on. A little further down the trail I ran into a small flock of 5 Yellow-rumped Warblers taking advantage of the beautiful weather (it got to 70 today) to feed in the he warm sunshine. As I noted in a post a few days ago, it is not uncommon for some birds in this warbler species to winter in this and other areas in SE Colorado.

In the nearby Arkansas River an American Dipper made it's distinctive call several times but I was unable to locate it. It was in a location where there is often a pair of dippers and they often fly into a large pipe where a small stream empties into the river. In a marshy area a Lincoln's Sparrow skulked through the grass and weeds. Other birds along the east section of the Riverwalk were a number of American Goldfinch, a few Dark-eyed Juncos and a calling White-breasted Nuthatch.

Later this afternoon I saw a second Lincoln's Sparrow further east of Canon City in another marshy area. It was a very warm November day for birding.


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