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Friday, December 01, 2006

Warm-up, sunny day

Ah, back to the more usual Colorado weather pattern with temps rising to 40 degrees and lots of sun to begin the snow melt. American Goldfinches were feeding actively. The snow does not impede their feeding behavior as they often eat seeds on trees in winter.

Dark-eyed Juncos working hard to find places where they can access the ground. These distinctive looking members of the sparrow family eat mostly seeds and arthropods and they forage on the ground and in leaf litter. With yesterday's cold temps much of the snow is still around making it difficult for the juncos to access the ground area so they have to seek out areas not covered by snow such as under thick vegetation or on the south side of structures. I put out some white proso millet for them in my yard.

Photo is of a White-winged Junco, a very uncommon subspecies of Dark-eyed Juncos, is from the Luther College website.


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