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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Far SE Colo still inundated with snow

Well, I made it back into Colo today. Only a few days ago the highway into Springfield and Lamar was closed due to the massive snowstorms the last two weeks. Though it stopped snowing a full week ago, as these pictures I took of Springfield this afternoon show the area is still facing significant problems from the large amount of snow still here.

From what I could tell, there was up to 1-2 feet on the ground from around Elkart, Oklahoma north through Springfield and further north to almost Lamar. I saw a military helicopter in Elkart land to get more hay to drop to cattle in that area and they are doing the same all through SE Colorado.

There was little bird action as I drove to Lamar. I saw a few Red-tailed Hawks on power poles next to the highway. A little further south below Elkart Okla where there was less snow, the sides of the highway were cleared of snow by the plows and many birds were in this far-too-close to traffic area. I slowed several times and had to hit my brakes for several Northern Harriers that either flew close or across my path as well as Western Meadowlarks that were feeding right next to the highway.

See next post for Two Buttes area.

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