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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lamar, Colorado

Hi from Sunny Lamar.
A few snow flurries yesterday paved the way for a bright sunny day, today. The flocks of White-crowned Sparrows (WCSP) crowding the feeders in the past few weeks are getting smaller and the Harris Sparrows haven't been seen for a few days. The three Inca Doves still visit the safflower feeder sporadically, but the water bath seems to be their biggest interest. (Thanks to Joanne of Pueblo for her homemade water bubbler idea, which I will make in the spring when I dig out of this incredible snow.) Interestingly, the WCSP and some Dark-eyed Juncos (DEJU) prefer the homemade suet I spread on the bark of a backyard Siberian elm tree. Someone suggested it is "quicker" and thus preferred, meaning the energy gained is "quicker". Two days ago, the feeders were full of seed; today the feeders are still nearly full and the suet is gone.

The adult and immature Sharp-shinned Hawks (SSHA) are still patrolling the area and attached is a photo of one I snapped a few days ago. They are fantastic hunters and it is easy to see why they strike such fear in the little hearts of their little prey. My daughter-in-law of Walsh is seeing quite a few sharpies and Coopers around town and Pat of the same town saw her winter Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (YBSA) recently. Well I remember the day Pat held the 6 foot ladder in gale winds as I photographed a YBSA and a Red-naped Sapsucker (RNSA) from the top rung in her pine grove.
JW Thompson


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