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Monday, January 29, 2007

Singing/chasing American Dippers again

This evening I was again at my friends place adjacent to the Arkansas River around dusk. First I heard a little American Dipper singing. Then I heard the call and saw 2 dippers chasing each other around the river.

My friend, though not a birder, knows what dippers look and sound like. He told me that he heard them and saw them in a chase flight, coming quite close to him, one morning before dawn when the temps were below zero. These birds are unusual in being up before dawn and staying out until dark.

The bird in this photo is the same dipper in yesterday's post, even has a worm-like object in its bill. However, this post shows a little of the nictitating membrane (the white on the top of its eye) that can cover the eye to protect it while diving under the water.


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