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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Around Fremont County

Yesterday I watched what appeared to be a pair of Bald Eagles flying together over the Arkansas River near Canon City. For awhile they perched together, not more than 15 feet or so apart which is quite close for raptors. Though Bald Eagles are known to roost communily in winter, it is thought that this species may pair-up or stay together during the winter so this flying together might indicate that these are a pair.

Today I drove out to Brush Hollow Reservoir. As there have been some days with pretty nice temps over 45 degrees F this week (including the 70 degree day)I thought there would be more open water. There was, but only a little more. However I did find a small mixed group of Redheads, Mallards and a Ring-necked Duck near the shore where the water was not frozen around some vegetation. I took this photo there.

I also heard a small flock of Pinyon Jays, but they were distant. Brush Hollow is one of the places where this illusive species is seen though not regularly.

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