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Friday, February 09, 2007

Ring-necked Duck close-up and personal

I took these photos of a Ring-necked Duck at the Pueblo Reservoir yesterday. I wish I would take credit for effective stealth in getting such close-up pics. Sadly, that is not the case. This duck was hanging out at the North Marina and clearly was accustomed to being fed by the folks on the dock. Not only did this little fellow (yes, it's a male) swim right up to me but it followed me as I walked around the dock.

These photos clearly show the distinguishing feathers of Ring-necked Ducks including a peaked head (as very evident in lower pic). It's blackish upperparts show a greenish sheen (sometimes bluish) when the light reflects off the feathers of the wing in the top pic but purplish on the side of its neck. The sides/flanks and belly are whitish/pale grayish (depends on which field guide or description). The white bar that appears to invade the wing (actually it's just in front of the folded wings) is clearly visible in both pics. The bill has white markings with a black tip.

I think the clear views of the feet and the fanned-out tail are interesting to see. And be sure to double-click on the photos for even better detail. I'll post more pics in another post.

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