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Friday, February 16, 2007

Brown Creepers & warm-up in lower Arkansas Valley

The weather was great today in much of SE Colorado. When I left home in Canon City at 9 am it was climbing to the upper 40's already. When I drove through Pueblo it was almost 50. And by the time my meeting in Rocky Ford was over it was around 50 degrees F there. Though there was still snow on the ground in and around Rocky Ford, the sun and temp and a little wind were causing a lot of melting.

And the temps are predicted to be into at least the 40's most of this coming week and even climbing toward 60 when the Snow Goose Festival starts on Friday, Feb 23 (honest, I'm not making this up, check it out).

I took these photos of 2 of the Brown Creepers I watched today. Look close (double-click on pic)at right side of top photo--the bird's eye, part of its head and its bill are visible though this bird really blends into the bark of the tree. In the bottom pic the bird's beak is pointed straight up. (Note-as it was dark inside the large conifer where these birds were foraging I did edit these photos to lighten and make the birds more visible).

I will post more about the birds I saw today and the unusual place I saw a pronghorn plus more pics, but not til tomorrow as I'm bushed.

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