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Monday, February 12, 2007

Redhead Ducks

This morning I searched, in vain, for the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker that I and others have seen at Centennial Park. This is the first time I have looked for this sapsucker in weeks, as I noted in an earlier post, because this particular sapsucker appeared exceptionally disturbed by birders (even when I drove up about 50 feet from its tree the last time I looked for him). There did not seem to be many fresh-appearing sap wells in the trees so this sapsucker may have moved away.

I was pleasantly surprised to find 3 Hooded Mergansers and several Redheaded Ducks in the pond at this very-city, lots of activity park. The Mallards, American Wigeon and dark-headed geese are fairly common here. Since this pond is pretty small and without fencing I was able to get some good close-ups (as I have noted before, I am unable to digiscope with my equipment)of one of the Redheads by using my 12X setting on my digital camera then cropping to enlarge the photos including these two. They show the field marks quite well: roundish, rufous (reddish-brown)head, yellowish eye, bluish bill with black nail (at end of bill), black breast and lower neck, and grayish body. Be sure to double-click on the photos to see these features, especially the eyes, best. The black hindquarters are not as apparent in these pics.

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