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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pueblo Reservoir Northern Mockingbird

In a December, 2006 I posted about a Northern Mockingbird I found at the Pueblo Reservoir. I added a not-so-hot photo of the bird which was rather camera shy. Today I saw a Northern Mockingbird in the same location where I found the December bird (so likely the same one as this species). However, today the mockingbird was a great photo subject as can be seen by these two pics (remember that I am using a 12X digital zoom). I stayed in my car so as not to disturb the bird (it makes more sense to not disturb birds as these photos demonstrate).

Though not real rare, this species is found very infrequently in winter here in Colorado. I believe that this is one of two Northern Mockingbirds reported at the Pueblo Reservoir this winter. Sometimes we have one winter in Canon City but I don't know of any this year here or that have been reported recently in other areas of Colorado. Birds of North America online notes that this species tends to stay year-round except at northern edges of its range. They further note that they believe these birds in winter do migrate out of the state but note that "some remain in urban areas." It further states, "Perceptions of status could be affected by reduced visibility of mockingbirds during winter." So I guess there may be more Northern Mockingbirds in Colorado than are seen and reported.

I recommend double-clicking on the photos to enlarge them so their feather to toenail detail can be seen. By doing so it is possible to see plumage and eye characteristics that indicate this is an immature bird (more on that tomorrow, it's getting late)


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