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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Better Osprey pics & with a very big fish

Today while I was birding on the Canon City Riverwalk I found an Osprey in large cottonwood. And for a change, the sun was shining. It really makes a big difference when it is sunny versus cloudy when using high power on digital lens (they need a lot of light to make good pics). So I got the top photo, with the bird about 80 feet above the ground and about 150 feet from me, using my full 12X power lens. Much better than the pics from the reservoir even though the one with the perched bird was only about 100 feet away.

I didn't notice when I took the photos, but as I edited them tonight I realized this Osprey was chowing down on one hunker of a fish that I would estimate to be 15-20" in length. So I cropped the second photo to show the fish best (though it pushes the bird so it's a little fuzzy).

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