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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Photo of possible 3rd Carolina Wren in Canon City

This morning I set out to try to discern how many Carolina Wrens were on the Canon City Riverwalk. I saw my first bird only a few hundred feet from the Sell's Lake parking lot. That bird was a rich rusty color on its upper parts and a pale cinnamon. After foraging for about several minutes on the forested floor of the bluff (and looking in some tree cavities), I lost it and it started singing from above. I refound it between 80-100 feet high in a cottonwood--singing from a rather high perch. It sang a 2 note song.

I walked further down the trail and heard the bird in this photo singing. And it was singing a 3 note song.

Then I walked even further down the trail and heard a Carolina Wren singing a 2 note song that sounded different from the first bird. This bird clearly has a light breast and neck (but it is difficult to compare to the photos I posted earlier as they show the bird/birds from different angles).

I believe there are 3 male Carolina Wrens and wonder how many females might be here.

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