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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More Canon City Riverwalk birding

In addition to the Broadwinged Hawk at the Canon City Riverwalk this morning, there was lots of action by passarines. I heard one of the Eastern Phoebes calling, and after several minutes I saw it over the old sewage tank. Then a Say's Phoebe began calling nearby. Then "the" (more later) Carolina Wren began singing. What a delight as I listened to all three of these calling and singing for about 10 minutes, all within a few hundred yards of each other.

After I walked on down the trail I heard "the" Carolina Wren give it's "cheer" call then saw it slinking about then flying across the trail into a scrubby area. I was surprised that this bird appeared more buffy than the Carolina Wren I photographed several weeks ago. Then it started singing and its song was different from what I had just listened to several hundred feet down the trail.

Another local birder, Rich Miller, came along and said he had just been listening to a Carolina Wren at the east end of the bluff trail which was around a half mile away. He said he had been thinking there had to be two Carolina Wrens as he would hear one at one end of the bluff trail then walk to the other end and hear one there. Since he and I had each separately, and more than a half mile apart, been listening to a Carolina Wren singing it is clear there are at least 2 Carolina Wrens here; and since only males sing, there are at least 2 male Carolina Wrens here (so are females?).

The lighter colored, more buffy wren I just saw that was singing a slightly different song opens the possibility of three male Carolina Wrens--wow.

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