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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Osprey near Brush Hollow Reservoir

Yesterday I drove out to Brush Hollow Reservoir near Penrose. The reservoir was extremely full, extending almost to the top of the boat ramp. As an irrigation reservoir, the water will be going down soon as the orchards and farms begin watering their crops.

I saw one Osprey at the reservoir but there were no sticks on the artificial nest platform there. Due to the amount of water in the reservoir it now stands in several feet of water. I found a second Osprey about a mile away on my out. That is the bird in these two photos. I took the photos from my car from about 150 feet. I'm afraid that the close-up views that you can get by double-clicking on the pics are a little blurry though they do show some details.

There were also 2 Say's Phoebes on the east shore of the reservoir. Say's Phoebes seem to be everywhere right now as they migrate around the state.


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