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Sunday, April 15, 2007

A very birdy Lake Meredith

I returned to Lake Meredith yesterday and it was much different than late Thursday when the snow and low clouds reduced visibility. Now the snow was gone in the sunshine and temps in the mid 50's (yes, that's usual Colo weather-it rained one day, then turned to snow then warm with sunshine--yeah!).

As can be seen from these pics, there were Franklin's Gulls feeding on the insects that are over the lake. All of the Franklin's I saw were in this stunning Alternate (breeding) plumage (seen best when double-clicked to enlarge pic). Birds of North America online states, "Underparts pure white, initially with rosy pink cast (rarely salmon) on chest and abdomen. This is most apparent on shafts and base of feathers and can be seen in the plumage of the neck and mantle and the greater underwing coverts. Color fades during breeding season due to photo-oxidation of carotenoid pigments." More this pinkish cast in next post.

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