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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Which birds are singing in the cold rain?

Not having gained any better sense during the aging process, I ventured out to walk a little on the Canon City Riverwalk when the earlier heavy rains had diminished to intermittant light showers. The temps were hovering just below 40 degrees F so I wondered what might be singing, and flitting around, in this weather. Though not totatlly silent, the Carolina Wrens were fairly quiet--during my 1 hour walk on the bluff trail I heard a Carolina Wren singing only once (at the far west end).

However, I did see several Yellow-rumped Warblers foraging and chipping as they did so. Also several Black-capped Chickadees called as they flitted from tree to tree, seemingly oblivious like to the brief rains falling on them. I heard at least one Ruby-crowned Kinglet called while several Robins, who never seem to pay much attention to the weather, went about their business.

I neither saw nor heard from the pair of Eastern Phoebes that have been around the old sewer district--this weather was not very conducive to fly catching. And all those American and Lesser Goldfinch that had been in a feeding and song frenzy the past few days near the parking lot were nowhere to be seen.

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