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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lewis' Woodpeckers back at nest trees

I have been watching a grove of cottonwoods, where Lewis' Woodpeckers have nested for the past several years, for the return of these birds to begin their breeding. Lewis' Woodpeckers are a species of concern as they have lost a lot of tree cavity nest sites to tree removal. Yesterday I found three Lewis' that were engaged in chasing each other and bringing possible nest material to the trees. They also had to chase off several Starlings that wanted to take their nest hole. An apparent male was engaged in "Circle Flight Display" which is described at Birds of North America online as after the bird has flown in a circle "finishing flight by landing at entrance to nest hole and giving Churr Call."

The bottom pic shows the graceful silhouette of one of the Lewis' as it flew around the area. The top pic shows one from the underside, showing off their gorgeous reddish underparts and head.

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