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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All three species of Kingbirds including Cassin's

Cassin's Kingbird is found in a number of locations in SE Colorado including areas in Fremont Co. Both Western and Eastern Kingbirds are found in many locations here so it is possible to see three five species in Kingbird found in North America within a small area.In fact, the kingbird in this pic was located in the Breeding Bird Atlas block I am surveying now. I also have Western and Eastern Kingbirds in this block (note the dark gray head contrasting with the white chin; it also has a pale tail tip rather than the white outer tail feathers on the similar appearing Western Kingbird) . This block also has all three species of phoebe--Say's Phoebe, Eastern and Black Phoebe, all of which have bred here. Eastern bird species meet western bird species here, and some southern/southwestern species also join the mix too.


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