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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Oriole Nests, the hanging cribs

Aw, yes, another absense--I had an Audubon Colo board meeting on the west slope and didn't have internet access. But, I'm back. On my drive over to the west slope of Colorado, I birded a little. At one location in Western Fremont Co where I stopped, I parked inadvertantly under this oriole nest.

This is nest of a Bullock's Oriole, the common oriole throughout almost all of the western U.S. plus part of Mexico. However, other orioles of North America such as Baltimore, Hooded and Orchard all make similar nests (thought the nest of the Orchard Oriole is not as pendulous). Both pics are of the same nest, but the top pic is an enlargement. It is amazing just how strong these nests are, surviving swinging in strong winds.

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