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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More visits to the Pinyon Jay flock

Today I visited the Pinyon Jay flock in late afternoon and at dusk. I found them in the same location as last night. Again, I was successful in locating them without flushing the flock but I didn't see any of the birds, just heard their calls.

I guess I am surprised that they seem to spend so much time just sitting quietly; however, since I haven't been flushing them I don't know if the entire flock is in this location or just the fledglings and the guard birds.

I got this photo of the first fledgling I saw 2 days ago but hadn't posted it since it was only of the rear section of the bird. However it does show the rounded tips of the rectrices (tail feathers)noted in Birds of North American online (BNA). The photo shows the tail feathers as blue above also as noted in BNA but the flight feathers appear bluish in the photo though they are supposed to be more gray. This may be a photography issue as lighting and color around an object can make it appear different.

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