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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lots of Snowy Egrets

Sorry I haven't posted regularly these past few weeks but after posting almost daily for one and a half years, I just needed some off time. Anyway I drove down to the lower Arkansas Valley yesterday for the first time since June. The occasion you ask--the temps were only going to be around 90 for the high (instead of closer to 100) and no storms forecasted (so my dog Banjo, who is totally terrified of thunder, wouldn't be freaked out). As is almost always the case, I had a very good birding day. I saw around 40 Snowy Egrets, which is a lot for most of Colorado (ain't no coastal area around this state) including the bird in these photos. Though I was trying not to flush the flock, I did. The other egrets flew further from me but this one circled back and forth overhead several times.

Snowy Egrets are such elegant birds. SeEtta


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