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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cryptic Brown Creepers

Fall is a lovely time in SE Colorado. I enjoy it's mellowness. It is a time of low precipitation and moderate temperatures throughout much of this area, with few storms. There is many pleasant days to go birding.

At the Canon City Riverwalk both Black-capped and Mountain Chickadees continue with their dee-dee-dee calls. Singing second soprano are the White-breasted Nuthatches. And the Brown Creepers provide the high pitched soprano "tseee, tseee, tseee" calls to complete the harmony.

These are pics of one such Brown Creeper I photographed as it probed between the ridges of the tree bark. If it wasn't for their high-pitched calls, they would avoid detection much of the time since their cryptic plumage helps them to blend in with the bark.


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