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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Migrating Great-tailed Grackles

This video is of a relatively small migrating flock of Great-tailed Grackles moving through SE Colo. There were only about 150 in this flock but when they all fly into one cottonwood tree, they make quite a racket. This is not nearly as impressive as the flock of over 300 Great-tailed Grackles I found in Lamar as they were concentrated into a small area also.

Of course this species is well known for making a racket with the shrieks, rattles and sounds of breaking sticks they make. I took this video clip with my digital still camera, that has the capacity for short video recordings, so the picture quality is not great but the sound came out pretty good. And I jerked the camera around as I tried to keep up with the ever-moving grackles as they hopped around the tree branches. SeEtta


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