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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Golden Eagle Pair

Today I checked some of the larger lakes again to see if a recent cold front brought in any migrants. Indeed close to a thousand Snow Geese, with some Ross' Geese mixed in, had arrived at Neegronda and Neenoshe Reservoirs. Waterfowl numbers on these lakes have increased since I was there a few days ago but I didn't see any Am White Pelicans.

I drove next to Blue (aka Adobe Creek Res) taking a route I hadn't driven before. It ran through some large expanses of grassland in Kiowa Co. I saw several herds of Proghorns including one large herd with 27 Pronghorn.

And I found this pair of adult Golden Eagles. They were perched quite close together when I stopped my car I disturbed them. The top pic shows the female, her irregular grayish tail band barely visible in this pic, as she landed above the male. Golden Eagles often maintain pair-bonds throughout the year. SeEtta


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