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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rufous-morph Red-tailed Hawk in flight

I drove to Pueblo today, spotting 10 hawks in about 15 miles along H50 between Penrose and Pueblo West. We actually had several inches of snow over the past 2 days and today was a sunny day that was good for hunting by hawks. All but one of the hawks appeared to be Red-tailed but there was at least one light-morph Rough-legged Hawk that evaded by camera (unusual as I have found Rough-legged usually less shy than Red-tails).

I did get some pics of this pretty rufous-morph Red-tailed Hawk including this one in flight that shows off it's underwing plumage nicely--rufous patch on breast, rufous leg feathers, rufous underwing coverts, rufous tail with many narrow bands and a wider sub-terminal band and noticeable patagial marking. Though some consider this form to be an "intermediate" morph, Wheeler & Clark's A Photographic Guide to North America treats this as a separate morph from other dark morph birds. This book further notes that "Dark and rufous morphs occur only in Western birds and only as a small fraction." SeEtta


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